Forget what you have been taught…

Dear reader and fruit lover,

Is health the result of a big lottery?

I do not believe it.
Health is largely the result of our choices.

A new study confirms it [1].
It was driven on elderly people during 8 years. The study shows that the more they consume fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, the more they reduce their risk of “disease” (heart problem, cancer, etc.) and extend their life expectancy. Health is therefore directly proportional to the amount of quality food we consume.

But then, why do so many people still believe that the disease is the burden of unlucky? …

It’s simple. Instead of teaching us the essential principles of health, the school made us believe this:

“To be healthy, eat enough protein, fat and carbohydrates (macronutrients).”

A diet composed by 85% of processed food and animal products (the diet of the majority of people) would be quite beneficial for health, given the amount of macronutrients they bring…

Obviously, it does not work.
As many health practitioners say:

“Forget about macronutrients, get interested in micronutrients!”

The American doctor Fuhrmann even proposes the following formula:

S (health) = N (nutrients) / C (calories)

Long-term health is predicted by your intake of micronutrients per calorie consumed.

The calories are generated by the macronutrients.
To obtain an optimal state of health, it is therefore necessary to promote a diet with a maximum of micronutrients and a minimum of macronutrients.
Dr. Fuhrmann recommends that at least 90% of our food be composed of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidant compounds.
A little the opposite of what is practiced…

But by the way, what are micronutrients?
Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients.

Where do we find them?
In all fresh, unprocessed vegetal foods.

At the top of the richest micronutrient food is Blueberry with more than 700 different micronutrients. But also Kale and Broccoli which contain more than 1000!

The choice of health belongs to you.
And the Jurassic Fruit team is dedicated to supporting you.

To your health,


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