our story

How it all began...

My two friends and I do not believe our eyes.

This farm is like no other.

Nothing to do with industrial farms filled with sick trees lined up like soldiers...

We walk behind our friend (an unusual farmer...) on a steep trail amidst an abundant diversity of plants and fruit trees. Mangoes, Avocados, Papayas, Guavas, Figs, Passiflores, Grapefruits... All my favorite fruits bursting with sunshine, free from chemical and at hand ...

Arms full of fruits, we interrupt our guided tour for a lunch break. We sit in the middle of this permaculture orchard, feet to the ground, faces sunny, palaces ecstatic. One of us asks: hey, don't you feel in Paradise?

It was in Andalusia, a beautiful day in 2014. And for me, there was no doubt. Yes, we were in Heaven. The Paradise I want for my children and for humanity.

Toby Hemenway

Author of Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture

"Permaculture gives us a toolkit for moving from a culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance."

Who are we?

Fruits aficionados and health lovers!

We are three friends to have founded Jurassic Fruit and we have surrounded ourselves with a great little team! All three have children and it is especially for them that the project Jurassic Fruit is so important to us. On our photos and videos you will often see my wife Sonja or myself Geoffrey :-)

our Mission

Health-conscious people are concerned about what they eat and have a hard time getting really natural, healthy and delicious food.
At Jurassic Fruit, we source from small organic farms good fruits filled with precious nutrients that bring you both vitality and great pleasure.

What fruits can you find here?

The variety of fruit colors reflect the diversity of their micronutrients!
As some people say nicely "Eat the Rainbow!"

Good Durian! :-) (if you do not know it yet, it's the fruit of all the passions!).
More seriously you will find at Jurassic Fruit a panel of tropical and subtropical fruits, tree ripened, certified organic or wild for the most part.
You will be able to marvel at the biodiversity of the flavors of nature...
and give your body v
aluable active ingredients with fascinating health effects.

What is the secret of the quality of our fruits?

As you read these words, most of the fruits that you see on our website are hanging on their trees, eating sun and good nutrients. As soon as our producers receive your order, they will go to the farms to pick the fruits that have reached full maturity. After a short transit of a few hours in our warehouse where we will pack your fruits, paradise will invite itself to your house next Tuesday or Wednesday...

  • Our fruits are picked at full physiological maturity instead of being ripened artificially.
  • Our fruits are delivered ultra-fresh, with a minimum delay between the tree and your plate.
  • Our fruits are wild, certified organic, without chemistry, or when the certification is too restrictive (but with the same quality!) "organic non certified" fruits (see the quality labels on each of our products).
  • Our fruits come from small producers who thanks to our customers live with dignity and can continue to produce differently.

How to enjoy all these good fruits?

With fruits, no need to choose between pleasure and health! 

By garnishing your table with Mango, Jackfruit, Dragon Fruit and Dates, you will make your family really happy to eat healthy.

To place your order online, click here.

You can also call us at +49 201 75899650 (9-13 and 14-18; Mon-Fri) or send us an email to support@jurassicfruit.com

A tip for your first order?

For your first order we recommend you the favorite discovery set of our new customers!
The Exotic Fruit Discovery Box Large.

You have any questions? Do not hesitate to call us at +49 201 75899650 (9 to 13h and 14 to 18h; Monday to Friday).

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