Durian season is here! + Mangosteen and Rambutan

April in Thailand is the return of the high season of the country’s best fruits, to bring us a maximum of sun (it is necessary for some of us in April… I had to remove snow in front of my house still a few days ago…) and valuable nutrients.

It’s the durian that opens the ball! Sonja had tasted the day before yesterday one piece from the new season (a Morn Thong), and could not help but make a video out of it, as she was so delighted by the taste!

We have of course the classical varieties: the Morn Thong (the most known) and the Chanee. Unlike most plantations in Thailand, our durians have grown in respect of diversity by a mix of fruit tree varieties.

The durian tree is the biggest fruit tree in the world, it can easily measure 30 meters!

But that’s not all. I have the pleasure to announce to you this week that we will have the variety Kahn Yao, the incomparable melting and intense taste that make it for many specialists one of the best varieties (among the hundreds that exist).

Durian Kahn Yao: a more rustic variety

The durian tree is said “ultratropical”. This means that it grows only in the regions that are both very humid and the hottest on earth.

Two other fruits launch this new Thai high season, which will extend until September for most fruits (and until late June for mangoes).

The immaculate flesh of Mangosteen also has anti-inflammatory properties

The first is the Mangosteen, organic certified! Our small producers, who work in the direction of traditional methods (which is very rare in Thailand) and that we accompany to be certified organic more and more each year, have already started the new harvest of this treasure concentrated in antioxidants.

Rambutan, “hairy litchi”

Finally, the Rambutan, nicknamed the “hairy litchi”, also arrives in high season. Rambutan is very popular among children in particular… and the phenols it contains help detoxify.

To Your Health!

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