Do i have to order fruit from the other end of the world, to enjoy healthy and delicious fruit at home?

No, you don’t. There are great fruits on our continent. We at Jurassic Fruit don’t just want to focus on tropical fruits, even if they are wonderful in taste and for your health. We are just as interested in farmers in Germany, France, Spain etc. that offer rare and delicious produce. There is a great variety on fruits and berries in our vincinity, which are just as tasty as they are rare, and whichs production we want to support. We are following several promising Projects in this direction.

There is still the fact that there are times of the year in which ist is difficult to find good, organic fruit. In those times, it can be a moment of pure joy to eat a fruit, ripened under the sun of a tropical paradise. It connects you with nature and a natural diet, provided by earth since the dawn of time. These fruits, often labeled “superfruit” or “superfood” are a source of health, providing us with valuable nutrients that our bodies crave.

We do love to work with Thailand to provide some of these moments of connection around the year. And of course there are fruits native to Thailand that can’t be found anywhere else in this quality, like durian, mangostane, cempedak or the young coconut Pagode.  We created a network of small farms, which often have to struggle to survive in a country, heavily influenced by the chemical industry. To honour the fruits of their work helps our own health as much as the planet’s. And we at Jurassic Fruit want to give the power back to the farmers and support them in their great courage to produce a wonderful, near forgotten variety – without using chemicals.

In this sense we are motivated to develop new Solutions to bring you the most delicious fruits of the world and in an ecological way.

Until recently we assumed that papayas, bananas, avocados and mangos would have to come from far away. Which was true to a certain Point in time. But not anymore. We are cooperating with two farmers in Spain, who use the unique advantages of the microclimate and the principles of permaculture , to produce so called exotic fruits. So we are able to offer you some of the best mangos in bio-quality  from spain, during three months of the year. Sun-riped, and delivered overland by small farmers and with a fantastic taste. This year we were able to offer up to 16 kinds of mangos. Isn’t that just great? If you would like fruit from south-europeJust take a look in our catalogue and at the fruits of the Saison – and another tip: very soon we will offer a southern fruit box, that you can order in a (bi-)weekly plan click here for further information.

We are also experimenting with some new methods to deliver the young coconut Pagode (among other Things) from Thailand by ship, which could only be flewn in before.  Unveiling new paths is very exciting for us and we have trust in these new ideas and possibilites, which will emerge from the Jurassic Fruit Family and will lead into the direction of sustainable agriculture socio-ethical partnerships and ecofriendly means of transportation.